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Boomerang Walker Kit, Convertible 4 in 1 : Baby Walker, Scooter, Toddler Bike, Balance Bike (Birch)

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This four stage kit includes everything you need to make a Baby Walker, Scooter, Toddler Bike and Balance Bike!


• Simple design makes assembly quick and easy.

• Designed and crafted to extend product life to 3 years.

• Sustainably made in America.

• Built from FSC certified responsibly harvested woods.

• Finished with plant based 0% VOC Oils.

• Less than 2% plastic/rubber by weight 

• Plastic free packaging

• We donate 1% of profits towards environmental preservation and restoration.

• 30 day money back guarantee

• Shipping to US, Canada, Mexico and Europe

• Product dimensions 15" wide x 18" tall x 22" long