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At BIG TREE we are 100% committed to being the most environmentally sound business we can be. For us this means going beyond the use fo FSC Certified Wood and NO VOC plant based glues and stains, and includes working with the lowest thresholds possible during manufacturing to reduce waste. We are committed to work continuously towards zero waste with plans to repurpose, recycle, mulch and compost all excess manufacturing waste. We provide our customers with more ecological products without sacrificing quality at an affordable price. 

We make good choices easy. Good choices mean buying something that creates the least amount of waste possible, doesn’t pollute the environment during manufacturing, and isn’t going straight into a landfill in 6 months.  Good choices mean that the people involved in the production are paid fairly for their time or resources. We are working towards profitable and sustainable answers to these pledges. Be good, Do good, Live good. 

We make our packaging and shipping products as slim as possible, designing the excess materials out of the process to keep the trees in the forest where they belong. Always 100% recycled and 100% recyclable materials used in our packaging.  

Design is at the beginning and the end of our approach. We have removed waste from our products by designing them for longevity and we have extended the lifespan of our products via our Quick Swap modular configuration. Our products do more with less. 

We believe tiny footsteps should leave tiny footprints. That is why we are setting aside 1% of our sales for our annual give-back donation, AND planting a tree for every sale. In our home state of California there are tree planting opportunities to help boost our ecological recovery, and reseed with native resilient species after forest fires. Our 1% give-back tax will promote healthy reforestation and forest stewardship worldwide. We will announce our give-back donation and partners annually so you can see how your dollars are contributing to the health and healing of our ecosystems.  

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