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 Hi! Brinton and Amanda here!


We’re designers and makers. We fix things instead of throwing them away. We improve things when we know there’s room for improvement. We’ve grown our careers and our family over the years, and are now growing something new. Big Tree Co. 


We noticed a gap in the children’s marketplace when we started our family. Children’s products have an extremely short lifespan because they grow so quickly. This isn’t sustainable for a family or for the environment. Buying new products (often made of plastic) gets expensive, and it also shortens product lifespan, creating a lot of waste. 


When our daughter started walking 5 years ago, we set out to build something better. That first prototype evolved into a product that could grow with a child and last multiple cycles.


We started Big Tree Co. because we wanted to invest in real positive change. And that is why we are fully committed to building sustainable high quality products that we all can be proud of. Thank you for sharing in this journey.


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Baby Lulu 12 months with the original Boomerang.